Monday, January 18, 2010

Exciting Times

Well, we made it.  We had the "gathering" yesterday and I think it was a success.  We had lots of food and fun.  I believe we ended up with about 16 guests (family and friends) and that was a house full.  Everyone talked, laughed and ate lots of yummy goodies that my sister and sisters-in-law helped prepare.  There were gifts galore for Big Girl.  She was very happy and pleased with all of the attention. 

It is always nice to have folks over to share food and fellowship.  Hubby hid upstairs the whole time and later commented on the quantity and volume of talk and laughter in the house.  Isn't that how it is though when you get a bunch of women together?  Some of ladies got to catch up with others they hadn't seen in a while.  Some talked about old times while others shared their troubles.  We joked with each other and laughed, we just had a good time.  Sometimes there's just nothing better than a hen party; especially when your best girl friends can be there and make you feel extra special.

I think there are a couple more gatherings being planned and prepared for in honor of Big Girl and Grandbaby.  These are exciting times.  The anticipation is almost overwhelming as the time draws near.  I hope you will keep us all in your prayers as we make our way through the next few weeks waiting for our little miracle to arrive.

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