Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crying Cold

I am freezing!!! I don't like to be cold or hot for that matter. I like to be just right. The temperatures are suppose to be crazy cold all week, I think tonight we are looking at 17 degrees F. From what I've heard the weatherman say it is going to be cold for a while. I can take cold weather but when the highs are in the low 30's and the night temps are in the teens I just can't stand it. Yes, I'm complaining. I know some folks would welcome these temperatures but us true southerners like it a little warmer.

I have been known to cry because of being too cold - ONCE. We were pier fishing in the winter, it was so cold and wind was really blowing. I was trying to suck it up and hang tough with hubby. I pride myself on hanging tough. I try so hard to be a tough girl, but the older I get the softer I get.

Anyway, it was freezing butt this day we were pier fishing and I just couldn't take it any longer. I cried. I mean I really cried. I am not a crier so when I say I cried, I really did and it was a big deal. Hubby asked what was wrong and I told him between snubbing that I was cold and I had to go in. He laughed and said okay. That was years ago and even now when it is really cold (like it is now) dear hubby will ask if I'm going to cry.

Lots of good and a few not so good memories of pier fishing. Most of the piers we fished are gone now. Changes like that can make you not like progress.

To bad the good ones are gone.

Hope you are warm and toasty.

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