Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beer Appreciation

Who doesn't appreciate beer? Ben Franklin has been quoted as saying "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Amen Ben.

Hubby has been home brewing for a while now, mostly from "kits", and recently has gone to full grain brewing. He loves it. It is an experience in adventure with perfection being the goal. He has even started making his own recipes. I have to admit he's pretty good at it. Sometimes I get crazy about all of the brew stuff being everywhere and our foyer closet being full of beer. It can be interesting explaining why the closet is full of beer and beer paraphernalia as guests try to hang up their coats. Some may even think we have a problem.

On New Year's Eve hubby decided we should bottle a batch of brew that was ready and then brew a new batch. I don't mind helping because it's kind of fun. However I do have to make a true effort not to take control and do things like I think they should be done. Mainly because I don't know what the heck he is doing when he is brewing and I don't want to mess anything up. I appreciate and enjoy the fruits of his labor so I am careful to do what I am told and not let the control freak in me take over.

Bottling station...

Bottle capping station (my job)...

Lots of beer ready for conditioning...

New brew brewing...

Does this look like a problem?

If you are a beer lover I am sure you would appreciate all that goes into home brewing. If you are a home brewer - more power to you! If you are the wife of a home brewer..... bless your heart.

Keep on brewing!

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