Sunday, January 31, 2010

Challenge Met

I did it!  I faced the challenge and I defeated it.  I finished the striped bag today and just had to get it on the blog before it got to late.  I really like this bag.  I am surprised at how well the colors ended up blending.  I like the shape and size of the bag also.  I decided to add a shoulder strap so it could be thrown over the shoulder and carried with ease.  I hope my sister-in-law likes it and will use it.  I think it is very versatile.  I am so happy this is done.  Now just to get it in the mail. 

I didn't get to start the brown sweater yet.  That will be on tomorrow's agenda.  We spent a lot of time outside today and had a neighborhood pot luck.  Time just got away from me.  I will be taking a day off tomorrow because of the weather and  poor road conditions.  I don't travel well on ice and don't find it necessary to risk life and limb to get to work.  The low tonight is going to be 10 degrees F, so the ice is only going to be worse in the morning.   Besides,  I could use a snow day!

I'm sure I will be posting tomorrow.  I hope you will check in.  Thank you so much to those of you who do.


  1. Looks Good You did it.
    Enjoy your day.