Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cat Treats?

Every summer I cut Zinnias from the garden
to bring inside and enjoy. 
I realized last year that someone
else enjoyed them much more than I.

This is Indi looking away because
she knows she's about to get busted.

Her she is selecting her next victim.
And here she is chomping away. 
I honestly don't know why she does this.
I guess they taste good.
The fuschia colored ones
seem to be her favorite. 
I wonder what flavor they are.

This is the serious look I get
when I ask her what she's doing. 
She looks at me like she doesn't
know what I'm talking about.
Within just a few days she will
have the petals eaten off of most of the flowers.
She gets so excited each time I bring
in a new bunch.

This is just another one of the joys of living with cats.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hectic Week - Great Weekend

Boy does time fly when you're having fun.  I didn't realize how long it had been since my last post until just now.  The week went by so fast with so much to do.  I had it in my head that my last post was Wednesday, but now I realize it was actually Monday.  I apologize to anyone who may check this blog on any sort of regular basis.  I usually do much better than that.  I guess the beginning of the week just got away from me and then Hubby and I left Thursday afternoon for an extra long weekend at the island.  The work week was hectic, but the weekend was great!!  The weather on the island was in the high 80's, breezy, beautiful while the temperatures at home broke 100 degrees.  We enjoyed our time away and didn't really do much.  We spent time with friends, enjoyed some fishing, and relaxed.  It was so nice.  Anyway, we're back here in the real world getting ready for the week ahead.  Little Girl has been away AGAIN and should be home tomorrow, I hope.  I miss her.  Big Girl and family are doing well and I missed seeing them this week too.  Hopefully we will be able to catch up this week. 

Thank you for the comments from my new friends and some old friends too!  Comments let me know someone is actually reading this thing and make me so happy!

I hope your weekend was so wonderful that you lost track of time. Make the most of the week ahead.

Monday, June 21, 2010

1st Craft Project


This is my first "craft project" with Grand Baby.  We made this for Big Girl's birthday.  We knew she would love it.  Grand Baby was such a good sport about it.  She slept through the whole thing.  It took two tries for me to get it right.  The first one we made I played with too much and it was way too hard to make the foot prints by the time I got to that part.  Poor sleepy baby.  I hurried the second time and rushed to get it finished before it hardened.  It was work!  I was worn out by the time I got the second one done.  I sat down to rest a minute and realized...

...I forgot to clean the baby's feet!!!  Oh my!  She slept through the whole thing.  She is such a good baby!
Her mommy was very happy and loved our gift. 

Hope you had a good start to the week!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads and " like a dad" men out there.  We have been having a good day and making the day special for Hubby.  We had a family meal last night and made ice-cream - yum!  This morning we cooked a special breakfast, went to church and have spent the afternoon lounging.  Tonight I will cook on the grill to give Hubby a break from grilling.  All in all it has been a good day with lots of relaxing.

Grand Baby's fishing tackle box so she can go fishing with Hubby when she gets a little older.

 Beer glasses with "old school" Ed Hardy tattoo prints.  Very cool. 

Hope you are having a nice day and enjoying family.
Happy Father's Day,
especially to those in heaven.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kip Day 5 - Knitting Everywhere

As you know I have been celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day - all week!  This will be my final celebration post for the week.   I am proud of myself for actually posting 5 days in a row to celebrate the occasion.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing all the places I have knit this week.  In honor of the week I offer the following;

All the Places You Can Knit

There are so many wonderful places one could choose to knit.
So many choices that it is quite hard to pick.

You can knit on the street
it really is quite neat.

You can knit at the store
but it could become a bore.

You can knit at the post office
but that's really not for all of us.

You can knit while in traffic
but that's nothing to laugh at.

You can knit with a security guard
but it can be kind of hard.

You can knit with a statue
but you may find it difficult to do.

You can even knit at a hot dog stand
but only if it's groovy man!

You can knit here and there.
You can knit anywhere.
 Knit because it makes you happy.
Knit because you love to share.
Knit where ever your heart may land.
Just knit because you can!


I hope you have enjoyed the week as much as I have.  It has been a challenge but fun!  You know I have to ask one more time - did you knit it public today?

P.S. Little Girl comes home tonight - I can hardly wait!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

KiP Day 4 - Knitting Yarn

Here I am knitting in one of my favorite public places -
the yarn aisle of my local craft store.

I picked up a few things while I was there. 
I had to!  It was on sale for $1.  
Besides, think of all the money I'm saving.  

Okay, so maybe this location wasn't as crazy as promised yesterday.  But it was fun!
Stay tuned to see where I am tomorrow.
Did you knit in public today? 

P.S.  Little Girl will be traveling home from Puerto Rico late tomorrow night.  I can hardly wait to see her.  Pray for travel mercies. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

KiP Day 3 - Knitting Legislature

Here I am knitting in front of the state legislature building. It was another hot day, but not too bad. 

Here is the best picture I could get of the state seal in front of the building.  It is made of granite and marble and truly is a work of art.

Look - what could that be?  Knitting in the cornucopia?  Yep, and guess what, it's not a dish cloth!

I can only hope one dear soul out there is appreciating my efforts.  I got a lot of strange looks while trying to take this picture.   

I'll ask once more, have you been knitting in public?  Don't be a chicken, come on give it a try.  I dare you!

Tomorrow I will come up with somewhere crazy to knit in public.   Don't know where or what it will be, but I'll come up with something.

P.S.  Got a quick update today on the Puerto Rico trip, it sounds amazing.  God is there and He's working.
I hope you will keep praying for Little Girl and her group.

P.S.S.  Today is Big Girl's birthday.  Happy Birthday Big Girl.  We love you!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

KiP Day 2 - Knitting Downtown

See my knitting sitting on the light post. 
This is where I let it rest while I took a few pictures. 


Here I am knitting downtown - the very hot downtown.
Yep, you guessed it - another dish cloth.

Have you been knitting in public? 
I hope you will just once this week.
Please let me know if you do.

Hope you week is going well!

P.S.  I'm really missing Little Girl.  Keeping her in my prayers and in my heart.

Bunny Hop

I've joined the Bunny Hop hosted by Erin of Dropped Stitches
I hope you will choose to follow me and others.

Follow me and I'll follow you!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Here - KiP Week!

World Wide Knit in Public week officially started yesterday.  It runs June 13 thru June 20.  Remember,  I posted about this a few weeks back.  In celebration of KiP week I've decided to try to post a picture everyday this week showing knitting in public.  The pictures will more than likely be me knitting in public or pictures of some of my knitting in public places.  I think you will get a kick out of some of it. 

The picture above is one of me knitting on public transportation.  I knit almost everyday while commuting to and from work on the bus.  I love it!  If I work at it I can do a dish cloth in one day's commute.  My ride one way is kind of long (almost an hour) but the money I save in gas is so worth it.  The real bonus is the knitting time I get in with few, if any, interruptions.  I have figured out that it is best (for me anyway) not to have anything that requires a pattern or a lot of thought.  I like to look around and keep my bearings because of my battle with motion sickness.   When I first started knitting on the bus I got a lot of questions from fellow commuters - "what is that" or "what are you making".   Now most of my bus buddies just accept it and don't really pay much attention to me.  It is a good way for me to block out some of the chatter and noise on the bus and escape into my own little world.  It truly is therapy. 

I hope you enjoy the week. I encourage you to take the challenge and knit in public just once this week. If you do I hope you will share your pictures and/or stories with us.

Stay tuned!

P.S.  Little Girl is having a blast in Puerto Rico.  Tonight they will be having a feast with some local folks.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Why is this so hard!!!  I bet I've pulled out these 4 or 5 rows at least 8 times because I keep straying from the pattern.  This is making me crazy.  I started this dish cloth on Friday night thinking it would be simple and I could have it done in no time.  But NOOOO, I kept messing up and had to pull the rows out and start over.  This is so frustrating! 

I don't know why I haven't been able to focus.  It's not like I have anything else going on.  Friday was frustrating at work.  Little Girl had to perform at her high school's graduation which means dropping off and picking up.  Saturday was a day full of running errands and finishing projects.  Little Girl left for Puerto Rico at 4:30 this morning for a week long mission trip.  We've been running around like chickens with our heads cut off to be sure she had everything she needed.  We got the last of that finished off yesterday and got the bulk of the packing for the trip done.  We also had to buy a baby shower gift and finish the center piece  for a niece's shower that was today.  We had Big Girl and family over for dinner last night.  We had  to get up and go early this morning to drop Little Girl off (4:30AM), went to church, had just enough time after church to eat a quick lunch and then go to the baby shower.   Got home from the shower close to 5:00 this afternoon.  Then I was determined to beat this dish cloth!


I guess I was able to focus a little better this evening.  I did it!  A new dish cloth for the stock pile.  This is a simple and cute pattern that I found on A Knitting Mountain blog.  There are several neat patterns there that I want to try.

Say a little prayer for Little Girl and her youth group this week, I know they would appreciate it!
Hope your weekend was restful!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Clutter

(Right side of the couch.)

Hubby and Little Girl are out of the house and I have a couple of hours all to myself tonight.  As soon as they left I turned the television to Sponge Bob Square Pants and decided I would pick up some clutter.  As I was going about the house picking up I started to realize there was a problem...

...most of the clutter is mine!!

 (Left side of the couch.)

My first thought was,  this is terrible!  How can this be?  I am not the biggest slob in this house...am I? 
 (My little corner behind the couch.)

My next thought was OH NO, I am a slob.  Look at this mess!!
  (Dish cloths and gardening gloves in the dinning room.)

I have yarn and knitting and crochet stuff all over the house!  How can this be?  Is this reasonable?
(My "car bag" sitting on the dinning room table.  Full of yarn, knitting and crochet stuff, ready to hop in the car and go at a moments notice.  There is also a bag of yarn from my stash sitting there.)

I should be ashamed of myself.  It's just Wednesday and I've let the house go to pot so quickly.

(My "life bag", that I take back and forth to work everyday.  See the yarn and needles?)

Since I had gone this far to take pictures of my dirty little secrets, I had the thought to open up the bag I take to work everyday to let you see I carry this stuff with me everywhere.  I always have yarn and needles with me - just in case. 

Besides you never know when an opportunity may present itself to knit or crochet.  I bet that's why I have it all over the house. 

That's it!! 

I have hooks and needles and yarn on each side of the couch because I'm never sure which side I may sit on and I can always have a project within reach.  That stash behind the couch saves me trips up and down the stairs and we all know how valuable time is when you're working on a project.  The "car bag" has to be ready at all times so I can pick it up in hurry and have a project to work on while traveling.  The "life bag" is full of yarn and stuff just in case the electricity goes out at work and I have to fill time doing something productive.

Whew,  I'm glad we worked through that and figured it out.  I knew it couldn't be me cluttering up the house.

Thanks for making me feel better.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dish Cloth Addiction

Here lately I am in a dish cloth frenzy.  I go through spells like this where I want to knit, crochet, or create something and can't seem to stop.  I have learned over the years to run with it.  It's nice to have a few things like dish cloths stock piled.  I do this kind of thing with scarves, gloves, and little projects that are fairly easy to complete but useful.   It is such a relief when a birthday sneaks up on me or that last minute Christmas gift is needed and I can run to my little stock pile and find a great little gift. Those are the times I appreciate the compulsive side of my personality. 

I found this pattern a couple of weeks ago and it is addictive.  I think it's called layered bricks.  It's fun and keeps things interesting.  You can see I am trying some different color combinations including a variegated yarn.  I think there are a lot of possibilities with this pattern.  I've been thinking about school colors.  Wouldn't these make great gifts for kids going off to college? 

Hope your week ahead is a good one.  Stay cool and be safe.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


It's been hot here today, very hot.  Not a good day to have to weed the garden or mow grass.  So we didn't.  No, I take that back,  I did weed 1/2 of a garden row while picking squash today.  That is when I realized it was too hot for that. 

My good friend BC and I went to a great quilt shop this morning.  I had never been to this shop so she invited me along for the ride.   We went to the Whistle Stop.  I really loved this little shop.  I enjoyed looking at all of the great fabrics and projects.  BC wanted to go shop for some baby quilt fabric but came home with supplies to make yoyo monkeys and elephants.   I am sure all of you crafters can understand.  You go out looking for supplies for one project and come home with something totally different and unexpected.  I always do that and it can be a problem.  I just can't seem to help myself.  

Well I am going to watch a movie with Hubby and knit more dish clothes. 

Hope your weekend is making you smile!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Celebrating Memorial Day

We celebrated Memorial Day over the weekend. 
We went to the island and had a great time. 
 While we were there we...

...drank Margaritas while sitting in the sun,

enjoyed a pig picking,

did a little shagging,
ate yummy desserts,

did a little fishing,
 and of course there was knitting. 

Another great weekend with beautiful weather. 

How blessed we are to live in the land of the free
and to have the opportunities that we do. 
Hope you enjoyed your weekend.