Saturday, June 5, 2010


It's been hot here today, very hot.  Not a good day to have to weed the garden or mow grass.  So we didn't.  No, I take that back,  I did weed 1/2 of a garden row while picking squash today.  That is when I realized it was too hot for that. 

My good friend BC and I went to a great quilt shop this morning.  I had never been to this shop so she invited me along for the ride.   We went to the Whistle Stop.  I really loved this little shop.  I enjoyed looking at all of the great fabrics and projects.  BC wanted to go shop for some baby quilt fabric but came home with supplies to make yoyo monkeys and elephants.   I am sure all of you crafters can understand.  You go out looking for supplies for one project and come home with something totally different and unexpected.  I always do that and it can be a problem.  I just can't seem to help myself.  

Well I am going to watch a movie with Hubby and knit more dish clothes. 

Hope your weekend is making you smile!

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