Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dish Cloth Addiction

Here lately I am in a dish cloth frenzy.  I go through spells like this where I want to knit, crochet, or create something and can't seem to stop.  I have learned over the years to run with it.  It's nice to have a few things like dish cloths stock piled.  I do this kind of thing with scarves, gloves, and little projects that are fairly easy to complete but useful.   It is such a relief when a birthday sneaks up on me or that last minute Christmas gift is needed and I can run to my little stock pile and find a great little gift. Those are the times I appreciate the compulsive side of my personality. 

I found this pattern a couple of weeks ago and it is addictive.  I think it's called layered bricks.  It's fun and keeps things interesting.  You can see I am trying some different color combinations including a variegated yarn.  I think there are a lot of possibilities with this pattern.  I've been thinking about school colors.  Wouldn't these make great gifts for kids going off to college? 

Hope your week ahead is a good one.  Stay cool and be safe.

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