Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cat Treats?

Every summer I cut Zinnias from the garden
to bring inside and enjoy. 
I realized last year that someone
else enjoyed them much more than I.

This is Indi looking away because
she knows she's about to get busted.

Her she is selecting her next victim.
And here she is chomping away. 
I honestly don't know why she does this.
I guess they taste good.
The fuschia colored ones
seem to be her favorite. 
I wonder what flavor they are.

This is the serious look I get
when I ask her what she's doing. 
She looks at me like she doesn't
know what I'm talking about.
Within just a few days she will
have the petals eaten off of most of the flowers.
She gets so excited each time I bring
in a new bunch.

This is just another one of the joys of living with cats.


  1. that is too funny! what a personality she has~

  2. prob one of my fave blogs yet mama...it made it smile! KRIS

  3. About there being no substitute for beer? Truer words may have never been spoken.

  4. I found this post via my friend, Leslie's "a friend to knit with" I couldn't resist seeing what "flower" treats for kitties (I have 2 boys in addition to my 3 human boys!) you were referring to - I LOVE this and can totally relate :)