Wednesday, June 16, 2010

KiP Day 3 - Knitting Legislature

Here I am knitting in front of the state legislature building. It was another hot day, but not too bad. 

Here is the best picture I could get of the state seal in front of the building.  It is made of granite and marble and truly is a work of art.

Look - what could that be?  Knitting in the cornucopia?  Yep, and guess what, it's not a dish cloth!

I can only hope one dear soul out there is appreciating my efforts.  I got a lot of strange looks while trying to take this picture.   

I'll ask once more, have you been knitting in public?  Don't be a chicken, come on give it a try.  I dare you!

Tomorrow I will come up with somewhere crazy to knit in public.   Don't know where or what it will be, but I'll come up with something.

P.S.  Got a quick update today on the Puerto Rico trip, it sounds amazing.  God is there and He's working.
I hope you will keep praying for Little Girl and her group.

P.S.S.  Today is Big Girl's birthday.  Happy Birthday Big Girl.  We love you!!!!!!

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