Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Clutter

(Right side of the couch.)

Hubby and Little Girl are out of the house and I have a couple of hours all to myself tonight.  As soon as they left I turned the television to Sponge Bob Square Pants and decided I would pick up some clutter.  As I was going about the house picking up I started to realize there was a problem...

...most of the clutter is mine!!

 (Left side of the couch.)

My first thought was,  this is terrible!  How can this be?  I am not the biggest slob in this I? 
 (My little corner behind the couch.)

My next thought was OH NO, I am a slob.  Look at this mess!!
  (Dish cloths and gardening gloves in the dinning room.)

I have yarn and knitting and crochet stuff all over the house!  How can this be?  Is this reasonable?
(My "car bag" sitting on the dinning room table.  Full of yarn, knitting and crochet stuff, ready to hop in the car and go at a moments notice.  There is also a bag of yarn from my stash sitting there.)

I should be ashamed of myself.  It's just Wednesday and I've let the house go to pot so quickly.

(My "life bag", that I take back and forth to work everyday.  See the yarn and needles?)

Since I had gone this far to take pictures of my dirty little secrets, I had the thought to open up the bag I take to work everyday to let you see I carry this stuff with me everywhere.  I always have yarn and needles with me - just in case. 

Besides you never know when an opportunity may present itself to knit or crochet.  I bet that's why I have it all over the house. 

That's it!! 

I have hooks and needles and yarn on each side of the couch because I'm never sure which side I may sit on and I can always have a project within reach.  That stash behind the couch saves me trips up and down the stairs and we all know how valuable time is when you're working on a project.  The "car bag" has to be ready at all times so I can pick it up in hurry and have a project to work on while traveling.  The "life bag" is full of yarn and stuff just in case the electricity goes out at work and I have to fill time doing something productive.

Whew,  I'm glad we worked through that and figured it out.  I knew it couldn't be me cluttering up the house.

Thanks for making me feel better.


  1. It's not clutter - it apparently is your life! You're too funny! Love ya!

  2. Been thinking about you today. Thanks for commenting! Love you!!