Thursday, May 20, 2010

Get Ready

Okay, so I gotta do this.

WWKiP Day 2010

  The week of  June 12th to the 20th.

Let's do this- want to? 

I hope you will.

Let me know what your plans are and what date you pick.  I would love to see pictures and share stories on this blog.  It can be as simple as sitting in the park knitting during your lunch break.  You could knit while commuting on public transportation (I do this on a regular basis).  Get a couple of your knitting buddies together enjoy some time at a restaurant.  You could organize a group and do it up big.   Heck - knit when you go out clubbing!  Okay I just put that one in there to see if you were paying attention.   We all know we can knit just about anywhere.  Wouldn't be fun to be with others and share your love for the knitting. 

Seriously, let's do this thing!  Let me know if you want to.  I am - even if I have to celebrate right by myself.

Check out this site for more information. 



  1. don't forget to take pictures! I want to see it all :))

  2. kmw - YES -you have to do this and you WILL have fun!!!

  3. MA really? there goes the last bit of coolness i had...should have taken the needless too Mag's Bach Party!