Monday, April 5, 2010

Swap Surprise Is HERE!

My swap surprise is here - all the way from Portugal.

Can you believe this amazing shawl!  My dear friend and spring swap partner Rosario from the blog Dona Maria sent this to me all the way from Portugal.  I was so overwhelmend when I opened this package that tears came to my eyes.  It is gorgeous! 

The yarn is Noro Silk Graden.   The yarn is exquisite and the workmanship perfect.  Rosario is obviously an amazing knitter.

I love everything Rosario sent. The colors of the fat quarters are bright and cheery greens and blues. They look like fun and I can hardly wait to use them in a project. Look at the beautiful yarn she sent too! It is called Rosarios 4, Merino Land, 100% Merino Wool - the color is so nice. This is a Portugese yarn that Rosario sent for me to make something special for Grand Baby. How thoughtful and sweet.

It was all so much more than I could have ever expected.  It is all beautiful and wonderful.  Rosario, I can't thank you enough.  I truly love everything you sent.  It has been wonderful getting to know you and to meet someone from across the Atlantic Ocean.  I hope we can stay in touch and our friendship grow.  

I loved being a part of the Spring Swap and hope we can be part of another one soon. 
Thanks to the Dutch Sisters for putting it all together. 


  1. Dear Cathy,
    I wish I had paid more attention in my English classes to now be able to write what I feel without making mistakes in English!
    I am very glad you liked my Swap Surprise. I enjoyed taking part in this exchange. I loved what you did for me but I liked even more to do something for you. Being able to speak with someone from another country and another continent is undoubtedly the big asset of this exchange.
    Thank you for your sweet words and I loved you were able to take pictures in a place you love, they were very well :))
    thank you so much!

  2. I'm speechless..what an amazing, beautiful shawl!!! I love the pattern, the colors, it's so gorgeous. Rosario is an excelent knitter, what a gift!

  3. Wow. Cathy I now realize that I need to improve in my knitting. I wonder if we could get her to come over here to teach us. The yarn she used was beautiful.