Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finally Spring

Battery Park, New York 2004

I now know that spring is finally here.  I officially started the garden yesterday.  I put a few seeds in the ground and bought some plants for planting later this week.  The temperatures are in the 40's at night so I want to wait til it gets a little warmer.  I love gardening.  Not really the work part but the harvesting and enjoying the fruits of my labor part.  I can only hope we will have a good season and the rain will work in our favor.  It gets so hot here that sometimes you just can't water enough to keep things going. 

We are sort of in competition with one of the neighbors (we'll call him Mo).  He started gardening last year and he is hooked.  We worked hard to get the first tomato of the season but he beat us to it. There's just something about being able to claim the first ripe tomato of the season.  This year we are going to harvest the first one, we have to, I can't let Mo claim it 2 years in a row. We checked on each others garden progress yesterday and there was an exchange of tomato threats.  That is how I know the competition is for real. 

Okay, okay - I was the only one making threats to pull up plants if he was ahead of me.  But I was provoked by Mo leading me to believe he had already planted his tomatos.   See how much fun gardening can be.  ;-) 

So what does the picture above have to do with any of this - nothing.  I just love this picture.  I took it when we went to New York several years back with a group from Big Girl's high school.  It was the first thing we saw when we got off the bus.  An artist painted butterflies on all of those umbrellas and placed them in the park.  I thought it was beautiful.  It reminds me of spring.

One other thing - Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to Big Girl and her sweet hubby.  Time flies when your in love.  We wish you many, many more.  We love you!

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