Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday Night Beer Review - Sawtooth Ale

Left Hand Brewing Company
Sawtooth Ale

Every now and then Hubby and I will actually purchase beer.  I know, I know, why would a home brewer with a closet full of brew spend money on beer?  Research, of course.  There are some really good craft beers out there that must be tried.   I ventured to our local East Wake Wines and Craft Brew shop Thursday afternoon and picked up a few things.   The shop owner, Ken, is always helpful and can give you a review on practically everything in the store.  We have seen this store and stock grow and grow over the past few months that is has been opened.  Ken was surprised by the response the locals had to the craft beers in the shop.  He has had to bring in more variety and is even having beer tastings along with his wine tastings.  Ken recently started tastings from tap - very cool.  This is a great wine and beer store.  Stop in and you will be amazed at the variety of wines and beers Ken carries. 

So here is my first attempt at a beer review that includes my limited knowledge of what goes into making beer.  I just know what I like and what taste good to me.  This review doesn't really mean anything other than this is one of the craft beers I recently tried and what I thought of it.

The beer pictured above is an amber ale from Left Hand Brewing Company out of Longmont Colorado. Sawtooth Ale is Left Hand's flagship beer. The balance of the malt and hops is dead on.  It is a little nutty and down to earth.  I am a big fan of amber ales and I truly enjoyed this one.  It was very smooth and clean tasting. This is one I would definitely spend money on again. (That's how you really know that it was good.)

Stay tuned for future beer reviews.  Enjoy your weekend.

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