Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Susan Brabeau

"Ladies Garden Club"

Susan Brabeau is a friend of mine as she is to so many.  She is an unbelievable artist whose talents are far beyond what I could imagine.  I don't know alot about art, but I know Susie's work is amazing.  She is a painter, a singer, an actress, and so much more.  Her paintings are incredible and you can see her work here at her website.   The puzzle above is from a painting she did.  This is the kind of art I can afford.  I was forutnate enough to find some of Susie's puzzles in our local Target the other day and picked up the one pictured above and the one below.  They will look so pretty framed and hung in the master bath and guest bedroom.  I can't wait to go back and pick up some more (if there are any left).
"Kids Half Price Day"

"Walking the Cows"

The puzzle pictured above is one of Susie's that I bought at our church auction a couple of years back.  I fell in love with the cow and little girl.  It may be hard to see because of the glare from the camera flash. 
My all time favorite work of Susie's is the one shown below.  Again the camera flash does not do it justice, but I think you can see it well enough. 

"The Patient Elves"

This is a giclee that I was fortunate to receive from Susie because my Little Girl posed as an elf for this painting.  I think it is so sweet and love it.  This hangs in my dining room year round. I love to tell people about it and the artist.  It is a joy to have such a talented friend.

Share your talents no matter how big or small.  They are ALL a gift.

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