Saturday, March 6, 2010

Early Saturday Morning

Me, this morning, wrapped in my first quilt attempt made many years ago, wearing my favorite socks.

I love to get up early on the weekend, especially Saturday.  I know that may sound wrong to some, but I do.  I love to get up, fix a cup of coffee, sit on the front porch and watch the world wake up.  Even this morning when it was 25 degrees I just had to go sit outside.  It is so peaceful.  The birds are busy collecting breakfast and singing the praises of the morning light while everything else seems still.  There is just nothing else like it for me.  Just look at the sun peaking through the trees.  See how warm and hopeful it is? 

As I examined the picture of me this morning I had to laugh.  I am sure one of my friends will comment on the socks, as I have been known to wear them to work on casual Fridays. Yes, they are those fuzzy, cozy, house socks that some people think you should only wear at night as you prepare for bedtime or when you are lounging about.  But not me, I love them.  I wear them all the time. Why not?
I am also sure this same friend will comment on the coffee cup as she was my accomplice when we each "acquired" a cup from the famous deShas Restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky while on a business trip.  Isn't it great to good have friends?

I hope you enjoy your Saturday.  Take a minute to stop and enjoy a simple pleasure.


  1. Did you wear those socks to work on Friday???
    I never will forget that trip to Kentucky and the phone call you made. The waiter said we could take the cup. Yes it is great to have good friends.:)

  2. kmw - you made me lol. No, I wore the black and white kitty cat socks this past Friday. I had forgotten all about the phone call.