Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rescued Joy

Bunkie aka "Wild Man"
About 6 years ago we made the decision to add a cat to our family. We have always been dog people, but our little girl really wanted a cat. Our beagle was about 14 at the time and took to having a cat in the house better than we all thought. Scruffy was the beginning of our adventure in being owned by cats.

Scruffy Russell
 About a year after Scruffy joined our family our beagle died. Scruffy was lonely. I convinced hubby that she needed a companion and he reluctantly agreed for us to adopt another kitty. That is how we came to be owned by Bunkie. Bunkie was not so much a cat but more a cat/dog. He had a lot of dog traits that made him funny and trouble.
By the time Bunkie was about a year old he had become a great escape artist and it was common for me to find him outside when I would come home from work; even though I know he was in the house when I left. One day when I arrived home I spotted Bunkie behind some bushes with a little white puff. He had brought home a kitten that the vet assumed was about 4 weeks old. She weighed 3/4's of a pound and was covered in ticks. After much debate about a third cat we ended up with Indi, better known as "Bunkie's cat".

Indigo Grace
Scruffy and Bunkie were both rescue kitties. Scruffy was saved from a certain death at the shelter on her last scheduled day on earth and Bunkie was tossed out of a car by someone who decided they didn't really need a kitten. Both were taken in by my veternarian and introduced to us. It is so hard to say no to a sweet scabby face when you know they so desperately need a home.

Scruffy was named for her appearance as a scabby, snotty faced, sickly kitten. She was a horrible sight, but so full of love. Bunkie was named for his crazy, fun personality. Indi's full name is Indigo Grace, because of her blue eyes and being saved by the grace of a loving tomcat.

Those of you who are owned by cats can understand the joy and frustration they bring. 

This is the look Scruffy gives you when you tell her you can't hold her right now.  This is the look a split second before she pounces on you, climbs your body and perches on your shoulder - all 14 pounds of her!

This is Indi's favorite spot - sitting in my lap no matter what I'm doing.  This gets frustrating and everything I knit includes cat hair - whether you like it or not!

My sweet, sweet Bunkie - oh how I miss him.  He passed away last October of complications from a urinary track blockage.  He was only 4.  We still laugh about him and his shenanigans.  He was a ton of fun and we miss him every day.  

If you have it in your heart, adopt a pet - cat or dog.  Remember it's a life time commitment that can be hard at times but it will bring you more joy that you could imagine. 

(Note: Computer still down - thank goodness I had this draft blog that I've been saving for just a time as this.)

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