Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gingerbread House versus The Vans

Thank goodness they're here!  The Vans finally arrived.  We have been trying to order these shoes since Christmas and have had numerous issues with our order.  We finally had to go directly to Vans and placed the order a week or so ago.  They arrived yesterday and Little Girl is soooo happy.  They really are cute, purple and pewter checked with mismatched laces.
So I know you're asking, what the heck do these shoes have to do with a gingerbread house?  Well this is the story. 
We traditionally put together a gingerbread house (from a kit) each year a week or so before Christmas.  Each year it is a challenge and we laugh because it can be more frustrating than enjoyable.  But it is one of our traditions.
After all we had been through ordering these shoes, the orders being cancelled electronically, problems with the gift card, etc., Little Girl declared that Christmas would not be over until she got her shoes.  Well to her dismay, I got up early one morning and cleaned up from the holidays.  When she woke up (that afternoon) she was very upset because Christmas was done.  The tree was put away along with all other traces of the holiday, except the gingerbread house.  I left it for her to dispose of in the woods behind the house for the critters to enjoy.   Little Girl then made a new declaration, that the gingerbread house would stay until her Vans arrived.  We have abided by this decree.
We have had a gingerbread house sitting on our kitchen table since sometime mid December.  We have had to explain to visitors why we still have it.  It is all but petrified now.  Little Girl will take it to the woods today and maybe some beavers will come up from the pond to chew on it a while.  I think they would be the only critters with strong enough teeth to manage it at this point.  
So that is the story of the gingerbread house versus the Vans.  I will be glad to see the house leave, even though it has been fun to hang on to a little bit of Christmas this late.
Hope you have a great Saturday.  We will be attending baby showers this weekend for Big Girl.  The time is getting closer for Grand Baby to come.  I can hardly wait!

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