Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stuff in My Car

Marshmellow Man riding in the car.

I have admitted before I tend to be a slob.  I like to have stuff around me.  I have a lot of stuff in my car.   I never understood those people who keep their vehicles immaculate.  Where's their stuff ?!?  I don't get it, don't you have stuff?  There is really no rhyme or reason to the stuff in my car, it's just there.  Even when I supposedly "clean" the car out some of the stuff stays.  It stays because it's mine and I like it.  A while back I was sitting in the carpool lane at school and started to look at the "stuff" in my car and decided to take a few pictures. 
 My Little Mermaid sunglasses.
Yes, they are mine and I threaten my
children when I see them wearing them.

Dairy Queen Blizzard antenna topper.

Johnny Depp when he was a pirate.
I love Johnny Depp.

Sponge Bob Square Pants
Love him too.

Sometimes Scruffy inventories the stuff in the car.

There is a lot more stuff in the car that I just didn't take pictures of (I don't know how I missed Sock Monkey).  What you see is the stuff that gets to stay in the car all of the time except for Scruffy (she doesn't ride well) and Marshmellow Man (he lives on the mantle now).

Disclaimer - my teenager wanted me to be sure you understood that all of the "toys" in the car are mine.  She is truly embarrassed by them. :-)


  1. your "stuff" in your car reminded me of my "stuff"~ i use to have a stuffed red crab that sat on my dash, the hubs stole him and left a ransom note telling me to pick him up(the crab) at the local bar or he would get boiled...*L*

  2. Completely agree with you, where do people with really clean cars put stuff? I for the record do not have a clean car, it has plenty of stuff in it as well...
    I've given your lovely blog the lovely blog award if you would like to claim it!

  3. i don't have a car anymore, but when i did, it had stuff!