Friday, October 1, 2010

Knitting Dolls

So here is my latest addiction.  These sweet little dolls are so simple and quick to knit.  I love little projects like this.  They are fun to make and this is an easy to take with you project. These dolls are great for knitting on lunch break or while watching TV.  You only need a little yarn to knit these so they are great for using up left overs. 

I ran across the pattern for these while surfing.  I am looking for a knitted or crocheted doll pattern that would be age appropriate for Grand Baby.  She is almost 7 months old and everything goes in her mouth.  I want to make her a doll but want it to be safe.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.  Any way, I ran across these cuties at Holly Marie Knits.  This is her petite doll pattern .  I love that her pattern is written as a tutorial - excellent! 

You can see my dolls are all different sizes.  I don't follow patterns very well.  I can - I just don't a lot of times.  I kind of take patterns as suggestions.  I will follow them the first time I make something (most of the time) and then I kind of play with it to make it the way I want.  I know that's not always good - but hey, that's how I roll. ;-)  

I do love these little dolls and I think they can be so many wonderful things.  I'm seriously thinking about Christmas Angels. 



  1. They are so sweet~ I think they would make adorable little angel ornaments!

  2. I just love the dolls. I can't wait till I see how you do the angel. I sat a work all day thinking about them. Thanks alot. It's hard not being able to draw,paint or knit when I want to.