Sunday, October 24, 2010

Enjoying Saturday

Grand Baby spent a good portion of the day with us yesterday.  She is growing, growing and into everything.  She makes me laugh.  It won't be much longer and the cats won't be able to stop and take a break during a chase.  I don't know what Grand Baby would do if she caught one. 

We had a another great weather day.  Started chilly but turned out nice.  I spent a little time on the deck enjoying the late afternoon.  For the beer drinkers I hope you have tried Samuel Adams' Octoberfest.  It is wonderful.  You need to hurry if you want to try it because it will be gone soon.  They only brew a limited supply so once it's gone you'll have to wait til next year. There might be brewing at the house today depending on how the Head Brewmaster fills when he gets up.  I think I shared my germs. 

I am looking for quick knitting ideas.  I want to knit or crochet some quick Christmas gifts for a craft sale.  Any ideas are welcome.

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  1. for something quick, what about knitting up some cute dishcloths? there are tons of patterns on ravelry. check out the group dishcloths r us.