Monday, October 4, 2010

Beer, Dogs and Rain

We bottled beer over the weekend - 150 bottles to be exact. 10 gallons of pale ale and 5 gallons of red.
Time to brew again soon so we can build the stock back up. 

This is Buck - a friend's dog that we cared for last week.  We had Susie at our house all week and ran over to the friend's house and took care of Buck and Dakota.  Sorry no picture of Dakota - she wouldn't be still for even a second.  All of our dog duties are done.  Everyone came home and went home safe and sound yesterday.

We had more than our fair share of rain last week, well over 10 inches.  It rained everyday.  It was nice to have some dry weather Saturday.  We had rain Sunday. 

I had a busy but productive Monday.  Hope you had a good one.


  1. One day I want to make my own beer maybe when I don't live in an apartment. It looks and sounds like so much fun. Also, how cool is it to control what goes into your beer?

  2. love that you and your hub make your own beer. that dog looks like a cutie!

  3. that sounds so interesting~ do you stick to a few recipes or have several?