Sunday, August 29, 2010

Inspiring Artist

Look at these two cards I purchased yesterday at a craft show.  The first one has 3 bunnies sitting in front of an ice cream shop enjoying some treats.  The other  is of a cat sipping a cup of catnip tea and reading a magazine.  I love these drawings.  I think the detail and expressions are great.  The most impressive part is the artist is only 8 years old (by my best guess).   I had to buy these!  I had to support this inspiring young artist and give her the experience of actually selling something she had created.  Those of us who craft and have hauled our wares here and there hoping to sell a few pieces know that thrill.  You know that excitement you feel when you realize someone actually likes what you do and they like it enough to give you money for it.  I love that feeling!  This little girl was so excited.  She had a lot of different drawings and her mom had helped her make copies so she could sell them as cards.  She had several different bunny drawings.  When I commented about that she said she really wanted a bunny as a pet and was hoping if she kept drawing bunnies her mom would get the message and take the hint.  She made me smile.  I asked her if she would sign the two cards I bought from her and with a giggle she agreed.  I told her I wanted to have them autographed so when she became a famous artist and could tell people I had some of her earlier work and I knew her when she was just starting out.  That made her laugh.  I see a bright future for this young artist and I hope she did well yesterday at the show. 


  1. those are just so sweet! talented little lady~ i always buy lemonade from little ones, love to see the look on their face as they are making the sale~