Friday, August 6, 2010

Inspiration x 2

Hope you had a great week and are ready for a wonderful weekend. This week one of my buddies turned me on to a blog that I had not run across yet.  I am so happy to have found Happy Together.  This young women has it going on.  She is amazing.  I love everything she does.  This is just the inspiration I have been searching for to get me kick started again.  I've been stumbling around in the land of the crafting lost for a while now looking for something different to do.  I don't know about you but I have to be doing something crafty constantly or I feel empty.  My Auntie J is always a great source of inspiration.  I think we would agree we have been searching for some inspiration together for while now.  Just looking through Jessica's blog gets the crafting juices flowing.  The very first day I went through her blog I had to run home and make petal bags.  I stayed up late and finished 2 - here are my versions. 
Today I had to make sure I had supplies to make crocheted hair bows over the weekend.  I think I'm set. 
Thank you Jessica for inspiring me!  I think you're great!!

Someone else who inspires me is the Urban Muser.  She is a wonderful photographer and knitter. Check out GibKnitty from New York City and see for yourself.  She recently posted her Hydrangea Hoodie that I fell in love with.  I had to run out and get yarn and start working on my own for Grand Baby (who by the way is still AMAZING). Here is my work in progress -
Sorry it's inside out and pinned up right now.  But I hope to get it finished this weekend.  I have enjoyed knitting this and hope it turns out as cute as the GibKnitty's did.  I'll post a finished picture soon (I hope).

All of this inspiration is keeping me busy and that is a good thing.  I am enjoying seeing new ideas and want to thank all of you who share you creativity.  Keep up the good work!

Have a groovy weekend!


  1. I am soooooo honored that my blog has inspired you! It gives me such joy to know that even sharing crafts we can help each other in ways. Your bags are just adorable! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I am thrilled that you like my blog and you are making the little hoodie sweater. I look forward to seeing pictures. Have a great weekend!

  3. You were correct. The bags were sooooooo cute.
    I had my doubts when you told me about it. I was wrong. I loved the blog site. It has so much to drool over. You did a wonderful job on your bags. I wish I was 5 instead of .......

  4. Thanks for the new links to look at! I love seeing how neat everyone else's world/projects are! Cool petal bags BTW.

    Happy Weekend!