Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Jalapenos

(Sorry it's not the best picture.)

Our garden did not do well this year.  We are disappointed because I usually pickle and freeze a lot of stuff to have over the winter.  Hubby loves jalapenos and we usually harvest a ton from our garden and pickle enough to be able to share with friends and neighbors.  But not this year.  Our pepper plants did not produce.  Thank goodness a friend gave us a bunch of jalapenos from his garden. So at least we have these 4 little pints to enjoy.   

It takes a little time to slice them just right.  And gloves are a must!

The house smells like vinegar now but I do enjoy doing this even if it does take a little effort.  

Hope your week has been a good one. 
Tomorrow is FRIDAY.


  1. can you share the recipe? p l e a s e :)
    I wish I had a little garden!