Sunday, August 15, 2010

2 Things Finished

Things have been busy this weekend.  We got to spend time with the kids and Grand Baby and there was lots to do around the house.  I did get a couple of things finished that I wanted to tell you about.  The kitchen towels are finished and ready for the church craft show.   I think I ended up with 10.  I forgot to show you the back side the other day.  When I stitched on the yo yos I added a button to the back to make the towel look finished and to keep from having a stringy knotty mess on the back.  As I stitched the yo yo on I added the button at the same time.  I knotted the string in the center of the yo yo on the front. 

See - I kind of like that finished look.

The other thing that was finished this weekend was the Easy Breezy Peanut Butter Pie that Little Girl made earlier this week.  The recipe came from Jessica at Happy Together.  If you like peanut butter you gotta give this try. 

The chocolate pudding on top made it even better.  It is cool and creamy.  We will definitely make this one again. 

I have lots of projects in the works that I will be sharing with you as time goes by and the craft show draws closer.  I hope you have a super week and will stay groovy.


  1. those towels would look great in any kitchen and the that pie, oh my....looks yummy!

  2. i wish blogs had spell check!

  3. The buttons are brilliant! What a nice touch.