Thursday, July 15, 2010

The view...

...outside my office window. 

This is what I get to see everyday when I look out my office window.  This construction has been going on now for probably close to a year.  It is interesting but very noisy.  There are alot of men yelling, horns blowing, jack hammers, concrete trucks, and banging.  It can be annoying sometimes but you get use to it.  Only a two lane street separates my building from this construction site. The next few pictures are what I see 2 maybe 3 times a week.  It is kind of funny but sometimes disgusting.

Yep, portable toilets swinging through the air. 

I can't say I've missed this while I've been on vacation this week.   The peace and quite I have had at home the past few days has been nice.  Today I am leaving for the island for a long weekend.  It is officially Girl's Weekend!  I'm going with a couple of girlfriends -  no children and no hubbies allowed.  It should be great.  The plan is to sit by the water, enjoy adult beverages, and do nothing.  I'm sure there will be a shopping trip sometime and a run to the grocery store but I think that is it. 

I hope you enjoy your weekend, I plan to.  Stay in touch and stay groovy!

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  1. The porta potties swinging in the air would have worried me. But it is really interesting watching a building go up!

    xo Erin