Monday, July 12, 2010

Cat Thoughts

It always starts out simple. 
 Just barely hanging off the edge of the balcony,
just to see if anyone is paying attention.
I know the thoughts that go through her head.
(Pay attention to the cat - not the cob webs.)

"Is anybody looking? 
Do they see me? 
I don't think they're paying attention."

"Oh good, they see me. 
What a minute no one's screaming my name. 
No one is frightened I may fall. 
Look Ma, no hands!"

"This will surely get her attention and make her scream. 
I love it when she worries about me. 
 I love being the center of attention,
the center of the universe. 
I hold her whole world in my paw. 
How did she ever survive without me?
she screamed my name. 
Mission accomplished!
I can come down now."

CATS - you gotta love 'em
cause they make you.

1 comment:

  1. these pictures (and your narrative) are so funny. i am more of a dog person, but also have a cat (came with my husband) that has grown on me over the years.