Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brewing with Ants and Flowers

This past Sunday was one of those special days we get in the dead of winter in NC. We reached over 70 degrees and it was amazing! We have had one of the coldest winters on record and it has not been pleasant. To have temperatures in the 70's was a wonderful treat but also a mean tease. Of course it is cold again. That one day of bliss is almost like a dream now. Oh how I long for spring.  Of course with weather like that we had to have a brew day.  What a great day to sit in the driveway enjoying the sun, brewing, and partaking of a few of Hubby's home made specialities.  My sis came over and sat in the driveway with us.  What a great day! 

You know I usually take advantage of our brew time and knit or crochet a little something while sitting in driveway.  Above is a little flower scrubby I made while supervising brewing.  I've seen things like this in the past and thought I would give it a try.  It was quick and simple and I made it up as I went.   I really like the way it turned out.  It will be perfect for dishes.   Just another thing to add to my great day.

Sitting in the sun, brewing, crocheting, enjoying  family and a good beer - what could possibly mess this up?

I absolutely hate fire ants.  We had a terrible time with them this past summer.  We were hoping the crazy cold weather we have been having would be enough to do them all in.  Guess we were wrong.  We spotted these devils scurrying on their mounds Sunday while it was so warm.  I got as close as I could stand to the mounds to take these pictures.  If you've ever been bitten by a fire ant you don't want to again.  It is ugly.  I guess the warm weather we had Sunday got them excited and they decided to come to the surface and warm themselves.  I cannot imagine how many thousands of these evil little ants live in these mounds.  These pictures are of two separate mounds close to the house.  We have another nest right by the front door that was fully active also.  There are several more mounds scattered throughout our lot.  Hubby worked on getting rid of them Sunday.   I can only hope he was successful.

We did enjoy our Sunday, ants and all.   I hope there will be more nice days like that in the NEAR future. I guess we'll just have to see what the ground hog tells us tomorrow.

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