Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday Night Beer Review - Lizard Style

It has been way too long since I've done a Friday Night Beer Review -so here we go.   This is not a retail beer but - yep - you guessed it - a home brew!  This is one of the Lizard Lick Brewhaus' specialties. This is an attempt to clone a beer we tried at one of our favorite breweries - Roth Brewery - love those boys!  They make an amazing Cinnamon Porter (along with some other delicious beers) that I cannot get enough of.  We tried this beer when they hosted the Piedmont Brewers Cup a while back and I fell in love with it.  We even went back one night for this beer and the place is 34 miles, one way,  from home.  That's a long way to go for a beer, but so worth it!  I have worried my personal brew master (Hubby) to pieces to make us a cinnamon porter and I must say for a first try he did pretty darn good. I guess that is why we have to refer to him as "Award Winning Brew Master"!  This is a great warming beer.  It is dark and rich and has just a hint of spice on the back side.  I am very pleased with Hubby's version and know that it will be one that he will have to make over and over.  

What do you think about the pint glasses that Hubby got for Christmas?  It was a bit of work but we pulled it off and surprised him.  Every brewer needs pint glasses with his brewery logo! 

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