Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Icy Day for Knitting

Well the great NC weather that I am always talking about has struck again.  Last night we got a good coating of sleet and freezing rain at our house.  There is a thin sheet of ice on everything.  This is the back deck at 12:45 this afternoon.  It's not going to warm up too much today so the ice will be here for a while.  When we have this kind of weather I learned a long, long time ago to stay home.  If you wreck enough cars and climb out of ditches enough you eventually quit trying to make it in to the job on days like this.  Sometimes it's just not worth it. 

I made sure to put out plenty of bird food before the weather got bad.  It has been interesting watching the birds slide across the deck railing.  Poor things.  They are very persistant.  I wish I had pictures.

I started a knitting project last night in anticipation of a knitting day today.  I went through my stash and found some yarns that I thought would knit up quick.  I have been wanting a wrap/shawl to have at work for those days it is freezing in my office (which is often).  I really like these colors and thought I would just knit a simple basic shawl. You know one of those knitting projects that is nothing fancy, kind of mindless, but productive.  This is what little I got done last night.  I am planning on sitting down with it in just a little bit to see how far I get.  I'll let you know how it progresses.

I hope you are warm and snuggly and enjoying all that winter has to offer.

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