Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Yalentine Day!

Yes, I said Yalentine - with a "Y".
 Look real close and you'll see.  
Happy Yalentine Day! 
This little bear was won playing the claw game.  You know the game that you put 50 cents into the machine and maneuver this huge claw thing around and try to pick up a prize.  Imagine how lucky the winner felt when she realized she had won a Yalentine bear on Valentine's day - or maybe not.  We assumed it was a reject in a foreign factory somewhere in a land far far away that got dumped into a box meant to be trashed.  Then we thought it could have been a special production run for Yale University - but that just seems silly.  It could be that "V" translates as "Y" in some foreign, possibly exotic, language.  Maybe it could be something as simple as a typo.  I did check the keyboard and only "G" seems to separate the two.  Who knows!  It doesn't really matter anyway because this little misfit bear has earned his keep.  He has made more folks smile and laugh than he ever would have if he were just a simple Valentine bear. 

Hope you and yours had a very special Yalentine Valentine's Day!