Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Almost here

Can you believe it - Christmas is almost here.  I love this time of year and the excitement that builds as the day approaches.  I love that I am on vacation until next year!  I love peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and coffee for breakfast.  I love surprises and small heartfelt presents.  I love family gatherings and sharing laughs.  I love neighbors and friends smiling and exchanging baked goodies.  I love the excitement that little kids have and how they could almost burst at the mere thought that Santa is on his way.  I love Christmas music and lights. I love the glittering of the Christmas tree at night. 

I love that no matter what our worries and troubles are they seem a little lighter this time of year.  The worries aren't gone, trust me mine are still here, but I think the anticipation of Christmas and all that it holds makes our load a little lighter in some small way.  There is a hope beyond our belief.  There is a peace that dwells within us. There is a great love that is more than we can ever imagine.  There is Christmas.

I hope as the day approaches you find hope, peace and love in all that you see and do.  I hope we all remember what Christmas really is and can enjoy it for all that it can be. 

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