Friday, September 24, 2010

Surprise Giveaway!!!


This is my 99th blog post.  This weekend I will hit 100!  Can you believe it?   I think that's a good reason to celebrate.  As a way of thanking you for checking in on me from time to time I am having a surprise giveaway.

I know there are some of you who check in on a fairly regular basis but never comment.  Comments are the life blood of any blog and is what keeps the blogger going.  I need comments!   I love comments!!  Take a few minutes this time to leave a comment even if  it is just a hello.  Let me know you are out there. 

The giveaway drawing will be held Sunday afternoon so get your comment posted by noon Sunday.  I will let you know the winner Sunday on my 100th post. 

Talk to you soon!  Good Luck!!


  1. loving your trail camera captures. happy almost 100th post!

  2. ME, me, me, me,me. Is it a dishtowel? I do love the ones that I have.

  3. Who is that dear? Or should I say who is that deer. Maybe it's Spot's ghost comming to get you know who.Look out beer brewer here comes Spot.
    Happy 100.

  4. Am I eligible? If so I think a gift certificate to American Brewmasters would be appropriate. If not you are not giving away any my brewing equipment or supplies. :)

    Head Brewmaster