Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last day of summer...

Today is sadly the last official day of summer.  I will miss it.  I won't miss the hot and drought we have been having though.  Fall is exciting and beautiful.  We see the seasons change and begin to anticipate the holidays.  Cooler weather will be welcomed around here.  We have had record heat and no rain for a long, long time now.  In fact, it was kind of strange going to the pre-season opener last night for the Carolina Hurricanes NHL hockey team with the temperatures in the 90's.  Believe it or not,  ice hockey is very popular down here in the south.  We love it!  But thats a story for another time.  Make the most of this last day of summer.  

I will have a big announcement soon - so stay tuned. 

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  1. i love the fall and cooler temperatures too. great photo.